Real Estate Investing - what entity to choose when first beginning. Free Mortgage Interest as a Deduction


For someone who already has a holdings company set up for an operating
business, is there any advantage or disadvantage to carrying your first real
estate investment property in the limited company? Assume that the holdings
company does not have any employees and the operating company which is not
related to real estate only has 2 employees.
Thank you for your time.

david ingram replies:

Too complicated for this type of free answer and obviously something where
you already have accounting advice.

However, I do NOT like holding companies for the holding of real estate.

Go to and read the November 2001 Newsletter on the left hand
side. It will give you a bit of an answer and since I think you live in
Vancouver from your address, You might want to come out to one of the free
mortgage interest seminars.

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