Where does TN visa holder file?

My question is: Applicable to both US and Canada

QUESTION: I am currently working in the US on a TN Visa. I have now been working for just over one year. I will need to file my taxes in April but I am confused as to where to file.

Do I need to file in both Cdn and the US? If so, do I end up paying taxes in both countries? I do not own any property in either country.
david ingram replies;

You will file a Canadian T1 return showing your date of departure and pro-rating your personal exemption amounts for the number of days you were in Canada. If you did not leave a Home Buyers Plan, a house or mutual funds or other investments behind, that is it for Canada.

If you have left behind any of these items, you will also need to file form T1161 and maybe T1243 and T1244.

If you left behind a rental house, you also need to file forms NR-6 and a T1 to report the rental income after you moved to the US under Section 216(4) of the Canadian Income Tax Act.
For the US, you will usually file a 1040NR DUAL STATUS STATEMENT and a 1040 DUAL STATUS RETURN which will only report your US earnings and any interest, dividends (sched B), rents (sched E), etc that you may be receiving. If you have a Canadian RRSP, you must also file form 8891 with your 1040. If your RRSP by itself or your RRSP plus other Canadian financial accounts totals more than $10,000, you must also file US Treasury form T D F 90-22.1

You can see all these US forms by going to www.irs.gov.

You would likely do well to send this first dual country return to us as below.

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