ROTHS and other U.S. tax sheltered vehicles



As an American citizen living in Vancouver (I also have Canadian citizenship) am I allowed to open and contribute to retirement tax sheltered vehicles such as a ROTH or IRA in the States?... I am debt free and annually max out my RRSP...

Thank you,
xcxxx from New York

david ingram replies:

Don't even think about it unless you have US earned (wages or self-employment) income which was earned in the US and therefore is taxable in the US first.  (Money paid to you in Canada from a US employer for work performed in CANADA does NOT count.)

Then it might be acceptable.  Acceptable depends on  "IF".  It appears that a US IRA will be deductible for Canadian Tax proposes in the new US/Canada Income Tax Treaty (signed Sept 21, 2007).  However, I have not had a chance to discuss this with anyone yet and am not prepared to make a go for it decision.

You are our typical client.

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