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we have dual citizenship in USA and Canada.  Due to aging parents we are considering spending more time in USA.  I understand that spending more than 6 months in USA would require us to change our residency to USA ( both of us born in USA). Our residency now is Ontario. I understand also that any income in USA is taxed only in USA and not in Canada if residency is USA?  But my main question is..... concerning health care from Ontario you are required to be there five months a few days, but, having dual citizenship, are we able to take advantage of being up in Ontario the 5months few days, keep the health insurance with travel insurance, but yet our residency is USA?
Not sure if this is in your line of questioning.  but thank you for any help you may offer.



david ingram replies

For Ontario Medical, you must be living in Ontario more than 183 days a year

The first year you can get away with 153+ days.

To have OHIP, etc., got to be there for 183+ days.

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