Delays in returns and replys - my apologoies

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I have to apologize to my clients and other readers of this list.
As some of you will know, my wife and I are in the process of
On April 13th, I was served with major divorce papers which
demanded major paperwork
On April 23rd, I was served with another major Notice of Motion
which atempted to take the family home unilaterally (the Notice
of Motion stated that they did NOT expect the motion to be
On May 6th, they denied a request for an adjournment or delay for
a May 14th hearing to take the house I have lived in for 34 1/2
The upshot of all this is that I have spent about 14 days
preparing documents and affidavits and appearing in Court and
that means that in this busiest time of my year, I have been
unable to deal with my clients in the way they should be looked
At only 5 people a day, it is easy to see that I have 70 clients
who have been inconvenienced and are wondering where their
returns are or "what" is happening.
Thankfully, Gail Ritter, George Hatton, Sonja Clark, George
Arora, Kate Reid, Katy Forward, Corby Coffin, Peter Ingram and
D'Arcy von Schleinitz have all stepped in and the work is being
done with my trying to give them details.
There is a good part to this.  The good part is that they are
looking at things I have been doing for years and coming up with
different suggestions in some cases (thankfully not too many -
but some).
So, if you get a phone call from Kate or George or Katy or Gail,
and they are asking a question that you "know" I know the answer
to, please just reply and realize that they are all being doubly
conscientious to get everything caught up.
For instance, George Arora has just caught a business loss that I
could have carried back and didn't.  An earlier refund is usually
better than a future refund unless the marginal tax bracket is
materially different.
We do expect to get everything out by the June 15th deadline
which applies to Americans Citizens living in Canada and
self-employed Canadians and their spouses. Some people qualify
for both. I just finished a Minnesota and US Federal and
BC/Federal Canadian returns for a US/Canadian Dual citizen who
lives in North Vancouver and has a Xmas Tree Farm in Minnesota.
Now, I am going to tackle a motorhome tour business which runs
into Mexico and is run by a Dual citizen who spends 1/4 time in
Arizona, 1/4 time in Mexico and 1/2 his time in Canada (qualifies
for BC medical that way).
Kate Reid is working on a Tour Business to the Grand Cayman
Islands and Bahamas run by a fellow who lives in Bermuda and BC
and George Arora is working on a BC business with a
representative working in Washington and London England. It is a
wide world out there.
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