Canadian citizen-green card in us for 36 years I-131

QUESTION: mom is in canada and just got robbed and brutilized and I woud like to live with her for as long as I can and then go back to us and work at my job who will have me back next year.So I am thinking of going as long as I can without casuing it less than six months? How long can I do this? My daughter does not have kids yet but will and then I would like to live with my daughter and in a granny unit of a house that she has not bought yet..maybe four yeasrs down the road or???open to time frame. My mom has somewhat of a support group in canada, Saskatchewan...but family round is the best. Of her estate, cash, mut funds, cds etc and a home about 90k, how should she leave me money so that I will be taxed on that minimilley. I will recieve about 750/mo soc sec if I quit work in four years when I am 62...would like to work ..

Your question is too rambling for me to answer properly. This is the reason however, that you (and many others) should have taken out your US citizenship. My advice is to start the citizenship process immediately. Then File form I-131 which gives you permission to leave the US with a green card for up to a year. This form MUST BE FILED "BEFORE" you leave the US. If you will be gone more than a year, you need to file another I-131 for each year. You can find form I-131 and instructions at: The filing fee is $170.00 US. I welcome any comments others might have on this.


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