nexus pass at airport


Hi David – just a quick note as a reminder to your Nexus pass holder clients who are also cleared for Nexus Air: you need to have your card (in addition to your passport of course) with you at the airport when taking the Nexus lane – the eye-scan you have to do before proceeding does not serve as proof of your Nexus status. I thought it did and I was wrong and was politely escorted back to secondary inspection where I was told that I was in breach and that they were going to cancel my Nexus status and deny me entry to the US! I was extremely lucky to have been able to talk them out of that (my card was in the car in parking), and escaped with a severe warning and one strike on my record (and there are no more than one and most times none allowed – I got a senior officer in a good mood). I am in the US twice a week and would have trouble with that commitment if I lost the status.

Remember – the eye-scan is not proof of status. You could have blown me over with that revelation!



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