Ultimate Year Round Tax Guide

My Ultimate Year Round Tax Guide is now almost 20 years old - which makes it obsolete and useless, right?


Tax planning in Canada is a long-term process, starting when you pick up your first pay cheque from your first employer and continuing until you are dead and even past.

Taxation in Canada and much of the rest of the world has not changed materially in its long-term aspects for many years. Each jurisdiction has its own peculiarities, and here we deal with the Canadian ones. You'll have to look elsewhere on this web site for the US and other countries, and of course for the problems associated with multi-jurisdictional tax, a whole other problem.

But here we deal with Canadian Tax at its most basic levels. Not so much how much a tax is - that can change from year to year - but how to structure your affairs to minimize tax (not illegal - evasion is illegal, avoidance is not).

I'll be adding articles and updates over time, and we'll probably publish an E-book of the whole from time to time - but here you'll find the majority of what you need to know to do basic long-term tax planning. Please feel free to add comments to the various chapters - one of the wonderful aspects of our new web site's software.

david ingram