Import Car duties to Canada

David I have a question I hope you can answer. I represent a professional
Hockey player with the XXXXXXXXXXXX. This player might be traded to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
next season. I was wondering if he buys a new 2004 vehicle from XXXXXXXXXXXXX
how much will he have to pay in Canadian taxes when he moves there. Thanks
for your help. B XXXXXXl

He should make sure that any US Vehicle he purchases has been certified by the manufacturer as eligible to be exported / imported into Canada.

The car should have daylight running lights, secure seat belt anchors with no passive seat belts, Kilometres on the speedometer and Canadian certified Crash bumpers which are more stringent that US rules.

Then there are two rules.

If your hockey player is a Canadian (Wayne Gretzky eh!) citizen and is coming to Canada, $10,000 Canadian of its value is exempt and the balance is going to cost you about 15% for provincial sales tax and GST.

If your hockey player is not a Canadian (Russian, American) and coming to Canada on a work permit, the whole car may be imported with no duties.

The tax would be 14.5% if he were coming to Vancouver.



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