Non resident sponsoring wife to Canada


I am a Canadian Citizen working in USA on an H1 visa.
Can I sponsor my wife (Indian) to Canada.
At this time, I do not have any attention to move back to Canada.

david ingram replies:

You must live in Canada or be planning to return to live with your wife in
Canada to sponsor your wife to Canada.

However, if you do not intend to return to Canada you cannot sponsor her.

But that means that you must be on a green card track for the US. If you
are not, you will be coming back to Canada at "some" time.

You should be able to sponsor her to join you in the US however. She would
not be able to work unless you are there on an L1 visa but she should be
able to join you and after you get your Employment authorization, she would
be able to work.


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