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Hello Sir,

I was checking a Florida's business broker's web site, which says that a $ 25000.00 US can get you an E2 visa. Web site also explains if a person is already in the U.S, he/she can purchase the business and apply for an E2 visa right there.

My question to you, is $ 25000 US is really enough amount to be considered for an E2 ? and how a Canadian citizen already in the U.S can buy a business, as Canadian citizens don't need a visa to go to the States. I think it is easier to buy a business in states when you are there instead of applying here at the consul in Toronto where you have less chance of getting an E2 visa. Hope I made my self clear. Please answer

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This was written by Dennis Olsen who was in charge of E2 visas in Vancouver.

His phone number now is (425) 265-0024

I have never head of an E2 for $25,000 but I suppose it is possible - particularly if one was going to set up business in a depressed area.


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