Canadian in United states with an American Wife wants to know where to get questions answered


I have a number of questions regarding taxation. My wife is American and
I am Canadian. We live in the US. Who can I call/email
to get some answers. Please respond to both my work
(XXX) and home (XXXXX). If you want to call,
you can get me at (248) 47X-XXXX ext XXXX.

david ingram replies:

I would like to think that I can help you any US / Canada / Mexico tax question you have.

You can arrange a phone consultation by setting up a phone appointment at (604) 980-0321. the fee is $350 / hour Canadian with a minimum of one hour.

If you have detailed and specific tax questions, it is usually better to fax me a copy of the documents involved to (604) 913-9123 first.

I am also happy to answer specifc and personal questions for a fee at this same email address - [email protected] A lot of questions have already been answered in our CEN-TAPEDE archives at


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