Buying property in Canada by USA citizen - used to live in Vancouver

My wife has bought a property in Canada and we are
USA citizens. What rules are we under in coming into
Canada with goods for the property? We put 35% down
and have a mortgage with the Royal Bank. I understand
we can only stay for 180 days a year. We just bought
a RV class motor home 34' long and will be bringing
that in along with having a mover bring the furniture
etc. Do we need anything else besides a list of what
is being brought and what may come after and the
ownership papers and insurance on the RV? We owe on
the RV is that a problem? I lived in Canada in
Vancouver for a few years and know of David from his
TV shows. We will need tax advice when we get up
there do you handle American citizens?
I thank you in advance for your advice

david ingram replies:

You may bring in extrra household goods for your seasonal residence and leave them at your cottage / chalet. I am not sure what the RV is though. If you are saying that you have bought a 34 foot 5th Wheel trailer and intend to leave it behind on a lot, the answer is NO!. You must pay duty if bringing in a trailer to leave on the property.

On the other hand, you may drive a $400,000 RV into Canada and tour and use it as a home while here. However, you CANNOT leave it behind for a day, week, month or year without paying duty.

You cannot leave your car, boat, snowmobile, skidoo, trailer, motorcycle or any other vehicle behind either unless for repair at a repair shop. Pretend you are going to Mexico where you have to post a bond if taking a vehicle further into Mexico than the immediate border tourist zone.

One client just paid a $50,000 fine for trying to bring his US registered motorhome into Canada (and leave it).

We thrive on American or US resident clients and have six associates who spend the majority of their time looking after US / Canada / Mexico (United States <> Canadian <> Mexican) income tax questions.


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