PART II Canadian/U.K. Pensioner Moving to USA - medical insurance problems in the USA

Yesterdays emails had a question from someone with UK and Canadian pensions
who was moving to the US.

The following from another reader quite properly points out the medical
insurance problems he will likely encounter.

Mr. Ingram:
Your answer to this gentleman is incomplete in one specific area i.e. his
medical coverage.
Since he will have to give up his Ontario Medical coverage he
will definitely need to deal with this issue when he moves to the U.S.
However, before he moves he should look into this, since if he has a major illness
while he is "bare" it could have devestating financial consequences for him. It is
possible he is eligible for U.S.Medicare (the plan for people over 65)
through his wife. Also he might be able to obtain coverage through his new employer
if he works down here. However, that will probably be expensive due to his age.
Also, he will unlikely be able to find an individual private medical plan
that will accept him due to his age and, if he was lucky enough to find one he'll
probably not be able to afford it. If it is not feasable for him go get medical
coverage I would advise him to stay in Canada and perhaps, convince his new
wife to move up to Canada where, I understand it would be easier for her to get
medical coverage.



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