Mortgage Interest deductible in Canada

My_question_is: Canadian-specific
Subject: Mortgage Interest or other.
Expert: [email protected]
Date: Saturday March 17, 2007
Time: 02:10 PM -0500


Is their a way I can claim the Interest on my Mortgage. I have been Disabled for the Past year and a half due to Cancer Treatment. I have claimed all the other medical expenses last year. I hope to return to work soon, but as of now I owe $1800.00+. Are their any other deductions I am not aware of that I can also deduct.
Thanks Ron Beausejour


david ingram replies:

Yes it is possible but you have to work at it. Read the following older answer.


My question is: Canadian-specific

What date is the archive in Centapede for turning home mortgage interest
tax deductible
There was a book written about it also Who was the author?

Thanks I very much enjoy your column

david ingram replies:

The first treatise on making Canadian mortgage interest deductible ever written
that I know of was written by me and published by the North Shore Credit Union
in the North Shore News in November 1976 and has been updated many times.
You can read the latest version in my Nov 2001 Newsletter in the top left
hand box at

Fraser Smith wrote a book called the SMITH MANOEUVRE in 1985. It should be
available at any book store or you can check out his website at

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