US residents, Canadian University students

Dear Mr. Ingram,

I heard about you from a friend and I am writing to get your advice on filing our US/Canada taxes.

My husband is Canadian and I have permernant residence card.
He started to work in the States from April, 2005 and I joined him Mar. 2006.
We paid our Canada taxes for 2005 and my question is do we pay Canada tax for 2006? In 2006, my husband and I were both registered to universities in Toronto. He graduated in Dec. 2006.

Another question is that if we want you to file our taxes for us, how long do you think it will take? We are in Seattle, not so far from you.

Thanks and you have a good weekend.

david ingram replies:

It is tax time, I will be working all weekend but did manage to sneak out to the midnight showing of the movie 300 this morning with five teenagers and had a great time although it sure left me tired today..

As I am sure you realize, your PR card remains valid as long as you are living outside of Canada with a Canadian spouse. You do NOT need to worry about coming back to Canada for regular visits, do NOT ned to file any paperwork other than to renew the card after five years and do NOT have to file a Canadian tax return to keep it alive as the hoklder of a US Green Card must do.

If you worked in Canada from Jan to Mar 2006, you will have to file a Canadian return. It does not sound like your husband has to file a Canadian tax return unless he (and you) wish to file returns to carry forward your tuition and education amounts in Canada in case you come back in the future.

We have a four or five day turnaround at the moment for US / Caanda tax returns. Happy to look after the Canadian and US returns.

Send them to the following address.

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