Lives in US, commutes to Canada

Hi David,

Not sure if you got this one as I sent it with my Hotmail address earlier today, and again sorry to bother you at such a busy time.
My concern was with my U.S. residency. If the U.S. Customs considers even an hour out of the country a full day. If I was to live in the U.S. (sleep there 5 nights a week), and work in Canada every day, I would be out of the country 4/5 times (days) a week. Assuming I was to visit my girlfriend, it could be 6/7 (days) times a week.
I would eventually like to become a U.S. citizen. Would these absences effect my allotted 5 year eligibility?

david ingram replies:

Living in the US and commuting to work in Canada is a day in the US. Both countries say days but really mean "where do you sleeep. If you sleep in the US, you are in the US. Also, for the most paret the US counts an hour inthe US as a day and Canada (by tradition although they tried to change it five years ago) counts hours as hours and an hour a day for 24 days would only be 1 day.

As far as I am concerned, staying overnight at your lady friend's house in Canada every Saturday night would not be enough to count against you. Two nights a week likely would. Inveite her to the US for the odd weekend. And, when you take a vacation, try Alaska, the Grand Canyon, White Sands desert, Florida, Hawaii, Plymouth Rock, Fort Sumter and Gettysburg rather than Lake Louise, Fort Louisburg, L'Anse aux Meadows and/or the polar bears at Churchill. That way, you have spent the time in the US