Canadian Income Tax - housing renovations, deductions, etc.


I bought a house in Quebec in 2002 and sold it in 2006. I paid $325k and sold for $460k having spent $150k on renovations. The notary deducted $50k in taxes from the balance. What was the tax and how do I get it back, or don't I? I had no income in Canada and was classed as a non-resident.
I would appreciate some info.
Many thanks


david ingram replies:

You must file a Canadian T1 and a Quebec TP1 return to report the $15,000 loss on the buy and sell. Federally you would do this on schedule 3.

For Quebec, you would fillout schedule G of your TP-1.

The CRA will likley want copies of the receipts for your $150,000 of renovations.

After filing, you should get the $50,000 returned to you.

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I assume you have returned to ENGLAND. If you need the returns done, we can handle them here for you.