Canadian Tax (Quebec) - Seattle - Green card

Subject: Canadian Tax (Quebec)
Expert: [email protected]
Date: Thursday March 01, 2007
Time: 03:54 PM -0500


Hi David,

I have been working in US for 3 years. I hava a house in Montreal. My wife and two kids are in Montreal. When I left Montreal I returned Medical Card and Driver Licence to Quebec right away. I declared myself as separate from my wife, and so I pay tax saparately. I have Green Card and I live in Seattle. I was in Georgia State for one year.

My question:
Do I make a mistake not paying the tax to Quebec? What is a link between Federal and Provincial Tax. If I pay to Federal and not to Province, does Province knows about me?
What I should do?
I have paied tax to US and to Canada, but not to Quebec.

Thank you

david ingram replies:

If you are separated from your wife and living in the US, you should NOT be paying any tax to Canada. If you are paying tax to Canada because you are still romantically linked with your wife, you should be paying tax to Quebec as well.