Filing back US tax forms


David, I am in a predicament. I have lived in Canada for three decades. I am
a dual US/Canadian citizen. I have faithfully filed forms 1040 and 2555EZ
every year. I have never had earned income beyond the exemption amount. No
US income, other than the odd short-term stock investment (with very little
gain). I have RRSPs (no withdrawals other than home-buyers plan, which was
repaid). However, I now realize I have made a few mistakes. I have never
filed RRSP information, nor I have I filed dividend, capital gains, or
interest information. I am not wealthy, and I am reasonably sure I would
have $0 tax liability for any of those amounts earned. Should I go back and
re-file all those forms (1116, 8891, the murky situation before 8891,
8833[?], every other ridiculous form out there), and how far back? 3 years?
7 years? Or is there another way? I must admit that I'm considering
renunciation, though I wonder if that could cause more problems -- such as
an audit or penalties. (I have also never filed TDF 90-22.1, though I plan
to do so right away.)

david ingram replies:

File the 8891 forms for 2005 with a 1040X and then file the current ones
with your 2006 return.

Note that the TDF forms do NOT go with the tax return. They go to Detroit,

The 8891 accepts that you may not have been doing the forms and asks if you
want to start now.