TN1 Canadian in the US, sold canadian house and intend to work in US for a few years.



I am a Candadian on a TN1 working in the US since December 4th 2006. This work of mine is going to extend atleast for another two years.

After I moved here (to the US), my wife and son came down on a visit, and we sold our house in Canada on Feb 2007 (this month). We intend to get my wife and son TD status next month.

Given this situation, what is the best way to file taxes. Can you please advise? And how much would it cost us to have you do it?

Thank you
david ingram replies:

You have clearly departed Canada. You must file a departing Canada tax return including T1161 and maybe 1243 and 1244.

The US returns will be a dual status situation.