Birch Bay Village - Sell or hold - Ed Keate "Land, Land, Loverly Land"

My question is: US-specific

QUESTION: We have property in Birch Bay Village ( a building lot) We are
thinking of selling. Is this the right time or should we wait another
year.Birch Bay Village is a gated community.

david ingram replies:

The first time I was asked about selling Birch Bay Village lots was back in

Then a Friend Ed Keate wrote a wonderful witty book called "Land, Land,
Loverly Land" which was a blatant push for Canadians to buy land in Whatcom
county. I have likely prepared 300 or more tax returns for Canadians who
have bought and sold down there and done okay. Another 100 have lost their
shirts, usually when they bought in Sudden Valley which just sat there and
sat there and sort of compares to Canada's Hemlock Valley.

Should you hold or sell now? I haven't got a clue. The prices there are
always an anomaly to me.

I was down at one of the other developments three weeks ago and amazed at
the recent price spike.

If you have a better use for the money, sell and use it. If you do not have
a specific or better use of the money hold on.