Zero tax return filing for USA

My_question_is: Applicable to both US and Canada
Subject: Zero tax return filing for USA
Expert: [email protected]
Date: Monday February 19, 2007
Time: 10:33 AM -0500


Dear Sir,
I have applied for Green Card (Labor cleareed , currently filed I-140).
Right now I am working on H1b daily commuting from Canada( Permanent
Resident. I will keep working in Canada tuill I can work.
I may lose contract in USA and have to working in Canada.
One of the condition for green card is to file regularly US tax returns.
My question if I was not for a single day in USa, cna I still file zero
return. What I will show as my status( I might not have h1b at that time
Thanks a lot

david ingram replies:

If you are commuting to work in the USA, you must file a US tax return first
and then refile the same amounts in Canada and claim the tax paid to the US
as a foreign tax credit on line 431 of your Canadian return.

Anyone with a green card must still file a US return no matter where they
live or where they work. This return MUST report their world income.

Goto and read the US/Canada Taxation section in the second box
down on the right hand side.