I am a canadian citizen living in US on H1. My son is US citizen


I am a canadian citizen living in US on H1 and my husband is a green card
holder in US( soon a citizen of US). My son was born in US 7 months ago. I
would like to know how i can get a canadian citizenship for my son? Also i
haven't done my tax in canada last two years since i live in US. Will this
be a problem?

david ingram replies:

You can find the details of registering your son's birth out of Canada at


If you have no Canadian real estate or other Canadian Income, you do not
need to do a Canadian tax return.

If you have interest or dividend income, you have to make sure that your
financial institution KNOWS that you are a NON-RESIDENT of Canada and
deducts 10% of any interest paid and 15% of any dividends paid to you under
Articles XI and X of the US / Canada Income Tax Convention (Treaty)

This applies to your husband as well.