US Green card holder has husband seeking refugee claim in Canada

QUESTION: hi i am u.s green card holder and currently visiting my husband in
canada my husband is refugee claming but hasn't got answer yet well when i
flew here the immigration officer stamp my passport with leaving date in
march 2007 i came here on 6th of feb 2007 i am 6 months pregnant me and my
husband trying to have baby here but i don't know if i should apply for
extension or if i do would i be qualifie can u help me what should i do what
is the good reason to get extension .....and what are the requirements
david ingram replies:

I am not the person to ask. I am assuming that your husband is already
dealing with a helper of some sort, either a religious refugee organization
or a lawyer. That is the only person you should explain your predicament

Off hand, I would say that you should apply for an extension (I don't think
it would hurt but I do NOT KNOW it would not hurt his claim) but I would
worry that your being here as a green cardholder for permanent residence in
the US will hurt your husband's refugee claim - I just do not know enough
about refugee claims to be any more help to you than someone you met at the

However, the extension form is supposed to be submitted 30 days before the
expiry of your present visa so you MUST get it in immediately if you are
going to submit it.

You can find the application at