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Hi David,
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> > > My father refereed me to you. I have a question I own a small business
> > > corporation here in BC (xxxxxxxxxx Business Consulting Co) I also work as an
> > > independent consultant (not through my business consulting Co )and I am in
> > > New York right now on TN-Work Visa till Sept. I also own part of a small
> > > corporation in New York (xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) and I was just hired to work as a
> > > manager for Nxxxxxxxxxxxxx out of the Los Angeles office
> > > for next 3 years and to be paid in American dollars. Can you suggest a strategy
> > > for me so that I'm not paying tax 2 X (Canada & US) both on a personal and
> > > corporate level and the costs involved for you to help me implement these and
> > > anything else that might help me as I seem to be
> > > getting different types of advice.
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> > > Kind Regards,
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> david ingram replies:
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> > It sounds to me that you are likely in an illegal position in the US unless you have a separate visa to work in each of these entitities. For instance, merely answering the phone or taking out the garbage at the New York business you own could result in arrest, fine, and deportation.
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> > Without a separate visa, you can NOT work for the LA company. There is NO TN visa available for you to take over as the manager of a US company unless it was something like an engineering company requiring a professional degree to be a manager which is unlikely. A TN management "consultant" visa does NOT allow you to be a manager of anything in the US.
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> > As for tax, if you are genuinely living and working in the US, Canada would not be able to tax you on the US earnings under Article IV of the US / Canada Income Tax Treaty.
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> > Goto and read the US/Canada Taxation section in the second box down on the right hand side.
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> > You HAVE TO / MUST deal with the visa question first. You can find a little more out about the proper visa at and read the "Entering the USA" section in the second box down on the right hand side.
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> > A quick search of the internet found you involved as manager of a band, involved with Nettwerk, involved with the 2010 paralympics, and your consulting company in Vancouver and New York and so on.
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> > If I can find this so quickly, Homeland Security can do the same thing.You likley need a phone consultation with myyself or Joe Grasmick ( or Greg Suskind at
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