Tax Forms for self-employed

Dear Experts:

In 2006 I am a returning to Canada citizen to settle, I started in Ottawa, ON. registered a Masters Business License as sole Proprietor in carpentry, but I worked as a carpenter exclusively for another local Construction Co. (Renovations) who when they paid, paid me with out any deductions. After three months I relocated to Nova Scotia & began work exclusively for a Security Co. with deductions until today. I have done nothing else with the my registered (Sole Proprietor) in Ottawa, in conclusion, half my income for 2006, (renovations) not Taxed & the other (Security Co,) Taxed. I received a T4 from (Security), nothing from (Renovations) My question is; do I receive something from (Renovations)and how & what forms do I use to file taxes?

david ingram replies:

Welcome home.

The renovation company should have issued a T4A slip showing the gross income they paid you but if they did not, you are still responsible to report the income. Usually, you would use form 2024 or 2032 and report the self employed income on line 135 on form 2024 if you consider it to be a business or line 137 on form 2032 if you consider it to have been a profession (master finishing carpenter for instance).

The proprietorship registration is the name you should use as the business name.

The employment income would go on line 101 on page 2 of the T1 Canadian retrurn.