regarding tax return for Canada

Hello David,

I am Canadian citizen working in US on TN visa, my family is here with me on TD visa. We have been here for more then a year. We have a house in Ontario that we rent. We have never canceled Canadian driver's license, healthcards, credit cards and bank account however we have obtained US medical, driver's license, etc. We have been visiting Ontario once for a week to do some repaires around house. My wife was not working last year. We filed a 1040 Joint return for the US .

Question: What is the best way to file my Canadian tax? Should we do it jointly or separately? Are we still considered Canadian residents? Should we pay Provincial tax to Ontario or/and Federal Tax or neither one?

Also could you please let me know how much would you charge to prepare my Canadian tax?

Thank you in advance,

david ingram replies:

You are a non-resident of Canada although you have kept too many Canadianisms

You need to file two returns. One for any earned income up to the date of departure and the second for the rental on the house after you left. This return is called a Section 216(4) return. Theoretically, the Canadian return has to be prepared BEFORE the US return and to file a Joint return in the US, you would also have to report any earnings from Canada in 2006 for before you moved to the US.

It is very unlikely that the US returns are correct.