Having a baby in the US (US citizen father - Singapore citizen mother)

QUESTION: I work in Indonesia. I am married to a woman from Singapore. I am an American citizen and she is not. We are expecting a baby next fall. It is possible that we would like her to deliver in America. This is particularly true if it is a boy as boys born in Singapore are required to serve in the armed forces for two years and we would rather him not do that. We would continue to live in SE Asia once the child is born. Are they any immigration obstacles that we need to clear in order for her to have the baby in America? If so, what are they? Thank you.

david ingram replies:

A dozen things could go wrong.

Sorry, but I am not the person to deal with. Under the circumstances you need a good lawyer, a member of the AILA (American immigration Lawyers Association) or very good luck in dealing with it yourself.

You should contact Joe Grasmick at www.grasmick.com or Greg Siskind at www.visalaw.com.

Both are set up to do phone consultations and can follow up later with Homeland Security..