Can i keep both US GC & CDN LPR?

Hi David,

I am a Canadian LPR and i have 10 more months to apply for my candian citizenship. My wife is a US Citizen and applied for me and i got my IR1 (immigration Visa) visa and it is going to expired very soon. Can i keep both canadian PR as well as US Green Card? What are the pros and cons? also what if i give up my canadian LPR? Am i elligible to reapply for immigration? As a principal applicant in Canadian LPR, if i give up my canadian LPR what happen to my dependant? will she be out of stauts as well. Please help me.


Whatever you do, get your Candian citizenship.

Stay here as long as you can, take out your green card by going to the US. come back after a couple of weeks to be sure that you are here long enouogh and then if worse comes to worse, commute to the US or commute to Canada. Go to and read the commuting green card newsletter by Greg Boos.

You will find it under "Alien Commuters" in the second box down on the right hand side.

Talking to Greg Boos would likely be a smart move on your part.