US/Canadian tax preparation - American in Paradise

> I am a US citizen, and recently moved to Vancouver to take a job as xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I'm looking for someone to help me with my cross-border taxes. Do you provide tax preparation assistance on individual tax returns in the US and Canada, and if so, what are your rates?
> Thanks for your consideration.
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> david ingram replies:

That's what we do. I have four people here who specialize in US / Canada Income tax situations and your situation is a typical one.

For Free, you should read the 'US/Canada Taxation' section in the second box down at and then you should read the 'Oct 95 newsletter'.

These two dissertations will tell you what you need to do as a US citizen living in Canada.

I am happy to take on your return if you decide to use us. Our pricing guideline follows in the text.