First Time Builder needs GST number

My question is: Canadian-specific

QUESTION: If I buy a building lot and pay GST on that lot, build a house on it and sell it, does the person buying that house have to pay GST? I am NOT a licensed builder or have a business etc. If they do have to pay GST can I claim what GST I paid back as a credit?

david ingram replies:

If you have bought the lot, built the house and are selling it for $29,999 or less, you do not need to be registered. However, that is unlikely in today's economy although a $5,000 lot and the $24,000 log cabin I saw in a flyer today might qualify.

You are required to be registered as a GST registrant because you will be selling the house for over $30,000 I am sure.

You 'MUST' charge the purchaser GST or pay it yourself.

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