TN-1 Visa Job Title Qualifications

Hello David;       I am a seasoned computer professional and I am currently entertaining an exciting opportunity with a company in the U.S. Since I am a Canadian citizen, I would require a work visa to do so.       The H1B for 2006 have long since been exhausted so then there is the TN-1 Visa.       Would Computer Operations Supervisor be eligible for a TN-1 Visa or does the term "Supervisor" negate the eligibility requirements of a TN-1 Visa?        I heard that "management" in the computing profession must obtain an H1B visa to be legally entitled to work in the U.S.       Your advice is most welcome.   Cheers,  
david ingram replies:

As described, you need an H1 visa.  The 'only' computer TN visa possible is as a 'computer systems analyst' which does not have any supervisory role to it.

You are going to have to get in line for an H1B visa.