Sleep Overs - no not 'that' kind

Hello David,

You've had much discussion over sleeping in countries and how it may effect your residency status. In reviewing Form N-400 application for US citizenship it asks in Part 7. Time Outside the United States, on the total number of days you've spent outside the US, in a 24 hour period. This being the case, I would think you could make your crossing, turn around and return to Canada immediately, thus never being away for more than 24 hours. What's your take? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
david ingram replies:

As a rule, where you sleep is where you live for tax and immigrration purposes.

Those who are working in the US on H1 or L1 visas can get them extended past their normal life span where they can show that they are living in canda and commuting to work in the US.  I.E., if yo go down to the US on Monsay morning and come back Friday night and spend Friday, Sat and Sunday nights in Canada, Homeland Security will issue another 3/7ths of visa time.

Working 16 hours a day in the US and sleeping 8 in Canada does not count as time in the US for citizenship purposes as I understand it but someone may disagree with me and comment further.