Immigrating to the US

I currently live in Van.BC and am a Canadian citizen.  My father married an American 32 years ago but I believe still maintains his Canadian citizenship. Although I have a 2 year Merchandising Diploma, no other post secondary education.  I held my real estate licence for 10 years and for the last 5 have worked for a real estate developer in their Customer Relations Department.  I would like to to move to XXXXXXXXXXXX, South Carolina and work for the Developer,XXXXXX Properties, the Developer of this XXXXXXXXXXX Lake project.  I'm trying to find a way to get a working visa (or anything) in order to work and live there.  Are you able to help or advise me.

Thank you.

david ingram replies:

I found an American Version of the company and some indication that they are the same.  If so, and if you are a manager or supervisor, they can transfer you south under a L1 Visa if you have worked for the Canadian arm for one year in the last three years.. They can NOT transfer you as a mere sales person. 

If it is just a co-incidence and you are not or have not worked for the Canadian Arm, they would have to get you an H1 Visa which is an unlikely issue for a realtor.

If your father wants to take out his American Citizenship, he can sponsor you.  He may have already done so because he can do so withouot losing his Canadian citizenship (like Wayne Gretzky)

And last, but not least, it might be easier to find an American to marry.

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