Moving Back to Canada

My wife and I are both dual US/Canadian citizens.  We are contemplating a
relocation back to Ontario from the US after an 11 year absense. This
relocation may be a full one to Canada or one in which we spend more than
6 months working in the US and the rest of the time working in Canada.

There are RRSP's, a US residence and US business assets involved, and
wherever we end up working, our primary income will come from our business

Does your firm provide confidential advice for the tax matters related to
such a relocation and how is that advice priced?

In addition we have already made the necessary contributions to qualify
for both Social Security and CPP when we start to retire in 7-8 years.
Does your firm provide advice in how to maximize the potential income from
the mix of Social Security, CPP and OAS?

Thank you,

david ingram replies:

This, of course is what we do.  I rceived two messages from you and
the other one showed as having been answered but I think it was caught in the system.

The following disclaimer has a copy of our prices.
If you wish a phone consultation, please call Gillian Bryan
between 10:30 and 4 PM Vancouver Time at (604) 980-0321.