Fiancee going to University in Canada, how does she deal with it

QUESTION: Hi, my boyfriend of 3 years and I are both US citizens. 
He is going to be attending grad school at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Caanda
We are not married and do not intend to be married at present.
We have been unable to live together durring the past three years because he was a
full time student and did not have time to have a job and study so has been
living with his parents and I could not afford to support us both.
This means that we cannot be considered common law partners.
I need help in obtaining a work permit so that I can come with him.
I don't really see how I can get one because I have been working at a call center
for the past two years (only real work exp.) and only have a high school diploma
...soooo, i don't know if i have any chance of obtaining one...
OR is it possible for me to live in Canada but work in the US?
Any advice would be great, I'm desperate!
david ingram replies: 
I am afraid that you are out of luck.  There is no logical visa available to you to come to Canada.  The best I can suggest is your moving to Niagara Falls New York and working there.  At  least you will be close enough for significant visits. you could spend Friday night to Monday morning with your man and Mon to Thursday nights in New York.  Depending upon his schedule, he might spend alternate weekends with you.  Think of it.  Every second weekend in Niagara Falls, The most famous honeymoon destination ever.

Even if you married, you could not work in Canada if you came to Canada with him as the wife of a student..

Visas are usually only issued when a company applies for one in your name because the company  needs your services.

Maybe apply to companies in Waterloo and see if someone is willing to apply for a visa for you.

You can also apply to come on your own  but that is at least an 18 month process at the moment.
This is the self-assessment test for an individual to determine his or her
eligibility to immigrate to Canada without being sponsored by a spouse.
This is why we need a Fortress North America.  Canada and the USA and likely Mexico should have open borders like the European Union.  63  years ago, The Germans and Italians were at war with the rest of Europe.They wer killing each other by the thousands.  Today, you can drive through 25 countries without encountering a border, there is a common currency for most of it and a citizen of France can work without question in London England or Berlin, Germany without getting any permission whatever.

Canada has never been at war with the US.  The last battle was British troops from what became Canada battling US troops in the war of 1812 - 1814 when British Troops burnt down the White House.  In fact, I laugh every time they play the Star Spangled Banner at a Hockey Game because the author was a prisoner on a British Warship in Chesapeake Bay and the rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air is a description of the Britsh Bombarding Fort Mchenry,  Baltimore and Washington at the same time the Britsh  torched the White House. To be sure, after a night of bombardment, the flag with 15 stars and 15 stripes was flying over Fort McHenry. So the Star spangled Banner is the story of the last battle between the British (US Allies in Iraq) and the US.

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Enough of my political statement.

Good luck.