wants to sell two rental properties

QUESTION: I own 2 rental properties, and am thinking of selling them both.
Both are jointly owned with another person.
The other person, in each case makes significantly more or less money than myself.
Is selling them in different years beneficial to me, tax wise?
Can one person alone claim the capital gains, or do both owners need to claim equal amounts?
I am Canadian, and the properties are in Canada. Thanks!!
david ingram replies:

It depends upon what your income is. If your other income in the year is over $120,000, it will not make any difference.

If your other income is over $80,000 it will not make much difference.

If your other income is lower than $30,000 it will likley make a 10% difference.

The reason is our progressive tax bracket.

For instance if your income is $100,000, your tax is about 29,000. If you add another $100,000, that $100,000 is close to $42,000 more and if you added another $100,000, the tax would be 44,000 more depending upon the procvince you live in. since each province has a different tax bracket.

The capital gains tax should be paid byt the owners based up thier percentage of ownership. For instance, it is not unusual for rental partnershps to be 1/16th, 1,4, 1/3, 1/2, etc.

Whatever percentage of the profits the parteners are splitting should be the same percentage that the partners pay tax on.