Work permit expiring before Spousal sponsorship for PR status (permanent residence in Canada (like a US green card)) likely to b

QUESTION: My partner and I have made a stupid mistake. We applied under the rules for family class within Canada. I misread the rules and thought that her sponsorsip was going to take about 36 days. I now find out that this is for applications outside Canada. The problem is that we bought a new house and she gave up her job on the basis that the application would be processed in 30 days. We now find out that it will take 7-8 months and my work permit expires in November. What are our options?

david ingram replies:

I do not understand your question.  If you applied at Mississaugua, the processing time on the Website today is 36 days and they are processing applications started on June 21 now.

If you applied from out of the country and are going through London (as your email address implies) because you are a Brit, they are processing 80% of the cases in 3 to 7 months -

If you are an American, Buffalo is processing 30% of the cases in 3 months and 80% in 16 months.

BUT if you applied from within Canada, the Mississaugua Office processing time is 36 days and you can see that at

You might want to check again.

In the meantime, you have a couple of choices. 

1.    Get your employer to renew your work permit. 

2.      Apply to stay in Canada as a visitor until the sponsoprship is through.

You can find the application to extend your stay at:

There is an excellent guide explaining the process at:

Your application MUST be there more than 30 days befoe the expiration of your current work permit.  You may continue to work after making the application until you receive a rejection.

If rejected, of course, you have another problem so you might want to apply to remain as a visitor at the same time.  (two fees)