entering usa to work as caregiver for Canadian Family on vacation


I am a caregiver employee here in canada,my employer keeps on travelling and they need me to go with them everywhere they go,i only have single entry working visa,and they are planning to go to usa this coming september,what should i do in able for me to go with them? thanks

david ingram replies:

In general, if you  were a Canadian, you are allowed to accompany your 'family because you are considered part of a family unit  and a three or four week vacation would likely be okay although any Homeland Security Officer 'could' take exception to the situation. 

However, I think you are likely from the Philippines and a Philippine National absolutely requires a B1 (business)  or B2 (vacation) Visa to enter the United States.  Therefore, you are going to have to go to the US Consulate on the 21st floor at 1095 West Pender (corner of Thurlow) in Vancouver. A number that should work for this purpose at the Consulate is (604) 685-4311 ext 246,  You can also check this out at the Airport Office by calling (604) 278-3360.

Your single entry visa to Canada is your real problem because you could end up barred from coming back to Canada.  Your employer should rectify this situation with whatever agency they used to bring you into the country.  If they need help with a professional immigration person on a  fee for service basis, they / you could try Ron McKay at Clark Wilson.  Ron is an ex Canadian Immigration Officer who also teaches the Immigration Practitioners Course at UBC.  His phone number is (604) 687-5700 ext 3148 and his email is [email protected]