American living in Canada


I own property on Lake Erie, Ontario would like to build home there but maintain my US citzenship. I am retired collect pension  and SS. Also have medicare. Would this be a problem? I have children that live in Buffalo, NY. I do not plan to work in Canada. what is the process I should follow?
david ingram replies:

You will not find it possible to retire to Canada as described unless you find a Canadian to marry and have him sponsor you to live in Canada. Once in Canada, our Provincial Medical plan would be pretty equal to your Medicare.

Without a sponsor, you 'can' maintain your home in the US and spend up to six months in Canada as a seasonal visitor and maybe even a little more.  However, your medicare will NOT cover you in Canada and if you are here more than 183 days a year, you will end up with 85% of your Social securioty taxable from the first dollar and 'will' be paying more tax in Ontario, than you are as a retiree in the US.

It is not a likely move for you. �