Mohammed B. Wanli, - Con Man


This is unusual on this site but since you might well find yourself in this fellow's clutches, I pass this on.  Without looking hard, I have found his ads in the Yellow Pages in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario.  Presumably, they are in other places as well.   Please note, that I am not a lawyer or CPA or CA myself.  I did take and pass the Canadian Immigration law course for CSIC at UBC in 2004/2005 and had already been grandfathered into CSIC as a transitional member before that but finally chose not to join CSIC and concentrate on my tax practice and some NAFTA matters as it applied to my Tax Clients.    I can also say that in 40 years, I have only failed to get three visas on the first try.  In one of those cases, the fellow decided not to take the job with a Bellingham company and would not try the second time.   As you and  most of my clients know, I rarely,  if ever,  take money in advance.   david  -   Read on to see just how many people were affected by this fellow in two countries.  He currently has over 30 lawsuits against him in British Columbia alone. He also served three separate jail terms in Minnesota before coming to Canada.   In this case, a former client went to someone else for his taxes (it does happen) and then ended up coming back to me for some help as a witness because he was now suing the accountant he had used before me.  (It's a long story).  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi David,
Hope this meets you well...
Wanted to thank you again for all your help in the past, but also wanted to inform you of a website that a number of victims of Mohammed B. Wanli, the fraudster who claimed to be a "immigration consultant" and Lawyer.
Though devastating to me, I had no idea that he was this kind of criminal.
It may be worthwhile posting a warning in your newsletter about checking out your immigration counsellor... However, with Canada's privacy act it makes it VERY difficult to check anyone out...
All the best,
xxxx xxxxx
david ingram replies:

Thank you for the heads-up.

As you will remember, I was not happy with Wanli at the time when you brought him to my home office.   After reading the info about him, it is pretty likely that he was responsible for the information which Pxxxx xxxxxx came up with that was so troubling to you at the time.  Luckily, your case was so strong that you won your case in spite of it all.

From what I have read today on several different websites, it seems that your man M B Wanli was likely guilty of using information in a pseudo extortion type manner and I will bet that he was playing both sides of the fence with you and Pxxxx xxxxxx.

I know that Wanli was not happy when you brought me into the picture.

I presume from this that you have now ended up in court or are close to being in court with M B Wanli.  If you are, I would suggest that it is good money after bad because it is obvious he has nothing.  Even the Bankruptcy Trustee, Sands and Company is suing him..
Hope it all worked or works out for you.