Inquiry for Services Provided - Form 211

Dear Sirs:

Do you file on behalf of whistleblower clients with the IRS under the "211 program" and/or for the "Special Agreements Program"?

I shall look forward to your response.  Thank you.


Costa Rica
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david ingram replies:

I am not sure what the question means? 

If you are asking if we prepare tax returns for someone who has received an IRS reward, the answer is not for a long time but I have in the past done it three times that I can remember and know of. My offices will likely have done it more times without my knowledge. (I had over 150 offices in five countries at one time).

If the question is, "have you turned anyone in under the whistle blower program on form 211", the answer is no.  I have never once filled in a 211 form or made a report under a Special Agreements Program.

For the record, I do not know what the Special Agreements Program is.

Although i have not talked to him for at least ten years, I did have a client in my Beverly Hills office who told me he averaged over $200,000 a year in IRS rewards.  His preferred method was to hang at exclusive golf course and make up a foursome. He played a lot of golf and apparently perfect strangers tell their tales on golf courses. 

They would talk about their offshore accounts or under the table deals.  "Harry", who had a PI licence, would walk out to their cars with them and get their licence numbers, etc.  He told me he would get good info at least once a week. Harry always drove an exotic car and looked the part.  If he needed something special like a Corniche convertible or ferrari for the day, he would rent it at Budget Rent a Car in Beverly Hills which carried a fleet of exotics for rent.  They bought my 56 T-Bird and when I wanted to drive the old car, I would just go and rent it back for a day or two.