Was that you? Zombie Walk Vancouver 2007 - 85 Eldorado Convertible

I was watching the Zombie Walk in Vancouver last Sunday and there was a
fellow in a white Eldorado Convertible in the parade.  Was that you?

david ingram replies:

Yep, that was me and I am sending this so that the readers understand that I
have some fun as well 2 weeks from my 65th birthday.

This summer I have been part of the world's largest water gun fight and took
bike ride with critical mass.

However the Zombie walk was the biggest hoot.   see 2113 pictures at -

There were over 1100 zombies stretched out over a mile.

So far no one has given me a picture of the car in the parade.  All I have
is one with the back fender showing.  However, that was me in the white
convertible behind the police car at the head of the march/walk.

The Zombie in the cream jacket is my son Mitchell

Linda Mae Beaudin ( Lowes) took this one a month ago at Milestones in West
Vancovuer after lunch. In the parade it had gobs of blood running down the

Dig that flag - a blended US / Canadian flag.

The car is a hand made 85 Eldorado turned into a convertible..  New it was
$130,000 in Vancovuer which is why none were sold here.  I bought this in
Inglewood California on eBay for $4,700.  It has 57,000 miles on it.  I have
put a little nick int he back left fender since the picture.  Backed into my
$1,800 eBay Jeep Grand Wagoneer (from Pendleton Oregon) in the dark in my
own driveway.