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I was wondering how to go about immigrate to the U.S. from Canada. Can you please hope me with any info? Thank you

david ingram replies:

If you ask me, I could write a book. 

*    The easiest way is to win a Green Card Lottery but you cannot enter if born in Canada.

Find out details of the next lottery which starts at noon October 3, 2007 and ends at noon on Dec 2, 2007 at:

Be advised that if you qualify to enter, there is absolutely NO reason to use a service.  You can do it easier yourself and be assured that the documents reached the USCIS because 'you' sent them.

*    The second easiest way is to find an American, marry them, and have them sponsor you.

*    the third is to find a Canadian or American Employer with an office or plant in Canada and work for them in a managerial or supervisory position for a year and have them transfer you to the US on an L1 visa and then sponsor you for a green card.

*    the fourth easiest is to find a US job and get an H1B visa and have the company sponsor you for a green card.

*   The fifth easiest (and fastest to get to live in the US NOW is to find a professional job which qualifies for a TN visa and move to the US, have the company change the visa to an H1 and then  sponsor you for the green card.

*    The sixth is just put in an application and wait about 16 years.

You can find out the different visas available by going to and reading the 'Entering the US' section in the second box down on the right hand side.

 Last but not least, if you have $500,000 to $1,000,000 legally obtained US dollars to invest, you can buy your way in with an E-5 Visa.  this requires a $500,000 investment in areas like Whatcom County on the Washington State / BC  border or $1,000,000 in the larger cities like Seattle LA, Chicago, etc.

The money has to be invested and create 10 permanent well paid jobs for US persons.

If you wanted to do this, I suggest you (and any other interested party) contact David Andersson at (604) 608-0818.  He has an investor plan where you invest your $500,000 US in a Whatcom County project and get an instant US green card.  It is far less risky than starting your own business and  there is a buy out provision down the line.

I will also make the declaration that I believe there is a finder's fee for my recommending  him to you.

There 'is' another E2 investor visa which will let you work in the US but does not allow you to apply for US permanent residency directly.  In the last 25 years, I have only known one person who obtained his US green card while on an E-2 and he had applied (and got in line) for the green card five years before the E-2 Investor visa.  He had the E-2 for nine more years before he came up for the green card through his original application.