US CANADA Transferring money between Canada and US - E667 E677 104 105 - FINTRAC - FINCEN


I saw your recent email answer about reporting moneies transferred between Canada and US.  I am in almost a similar situation.  However, if I still have a Canadian bank account (which I report on the TDF form), would I need to report a one time transfer of over $15K if I just wrote a check from my Canadian account and deposited into my US account?  And  if I do need to report it what form and where would I report this transfer to?

david ingram replies:

I have had 4 enquiries by email and one by phone today about this topic.  It seems that everyone is loading up on cash to go down tot he US to buy a car with the great sale prices there.

In your case, if you just write a cheque, the Canadian bank will fillout Canadian FINTRAC form E667 and the US bank will fill out form FINCEN104 and you do not need to do anything.