Canadian retire in US


Both My wife and I am green card holder and currently working in US. We would like to ask my Father (Canadian Citizen) to come to live with us. He is above 65, would he be able to qualify for any Medicare plan? would private Health care be an option?


david ingram replies:

Since I am now 65, that does not seem that old any more but I have to tell you that you are asking for the impossible.  The medical costs will make it impossible even if you could do it.  You can take out US citizenship and sponsor your father but I doubt if it would work out for you financially.

If you have a real problem, get your US citizenship so that you can come and go for long periods (if necesasary) from Canada without any problems. (i.e. if necessary, you opr your wife can come to Canda for a year or two without a problemm if a US/Canada dual citizen).

Another partial solution is to move to some place like Bellingham (means changing jobs) and have dad live in White Rock officially and visit you a lot in the US.  Even then, over 80, even medical trip insurance will become prohibitive.

Niagara Falls New York and Niagara Falls Canada work as well but the winters are less friendly.

Sorry I do not have a better answer.  Every week, I have someone moving back to Caanda because of the US medical system which is just not as good for the average person as the Canadian system.