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David, I don't quite understand why you often say -- as you do below -- that "medical costs [in the U.S.] make it impossible."  We just happen to be considering bringing my 87 year old mother down from Canada to live in an expanded portion of our home in Bellingham.  She would sell her home in B.C. and part of the proceeds would go to covering the cost of the self contained suite we would build on to our house.  Maybe I am missing something in the warning you are giving everyone, but I have to tell you that even the very best medical plan Group Health, for example, offers is far from "impossible" at $564.00 a month for a non-smoker 65 and older, not eligible for Medicare.  Compared to B.C., yes, that's expensive.  But so what if she lives with us and her CPP and OAP go to cover it!

I will be 62 this week and continue to commute each day to my workplace in Surrey, B.C.  I readily admit that if I had to pay such a premium, it would be difficult -- particularly were I younger with many more years to go before I had Medicare at 65.  I currently pay about $100.00 a month for a great medical plan from Group Health.  Of course, it is through my wife on her plan at work.  I also have a dental plan in the same way.  It is just as good as the one I had through a former employer when I lived in B.C.

As someone whose taxes you prepare for me each year, you will recall that I am a Canadian citizen who emigrated here on a fiance[e] visa in 2004 ro marry my American citizen wife.  I am pleased to tell you now that on August 15th of this year I was sworn in as a U.S. citizen!  So now, of course, I am one of those fortunates who have dual citizenship.
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david ingram replies:

I have to admit that you make a new point.  Of course, TODAY, at the moment I write this, the Canadian Dollar is actually MORE than the US dollar.  Youir Canadian salary has gone up over 40% in US spending since you moved to the US.  However, if we were talking about taking mom to the US when you moved down in 2003 and the US dollar was 1.401, that $564 would be about $790 Caandian and a year earlier, it would have been $885.00 

We had hundreds of people (remember i am only one person) returning to Canada because they  could not afford it anymore from 98 to 2004.

It has slowed down dramatically and maybe a rethink is in order.

In fact, I have one (only one) daugher looking for a home for her mother in Bellingham because it would be cheaper than what she is paying In Canada.  This is the reverse with a mother who was brought up to live with daughter in Canada when the US dollar was large and Canadian expenses were really cheaper in relation.

Thanks for the insight.