US CANADA PART III - Canadian retire in US - Medical Costs

H wrote
The current responder fails to include several caveats:
1. The premium does not cover all costs. There are deductibles
and copays that can total up to $2000 per year "out of pocket"
2. The premium rates could escalate substantially year over year
depending on the plan actuarial losses
3. Many individuals may have difficulty obtaining health insurance
at all depending on preexisting conditions or they may be subject
to substantial surcharges depending on the nature of the condition.

In other words it is not as simple as it looks as some people would
lead you to believe. However, for those that can afford it, the accessibility
to care and technology is probably better down here and when someone
needs urgent admission to hospital they don't have to lie around the E.R. for 2 days.

david ingram replies:

Thank you for the insite because i know you are "there", living in the US. The writer below was making it look easy but the other letters I have received all seem to agree tih me or at least want to warn the previous writer.

When buying private US medical, pre-existing conditions are usually not covered or are rated so high that the insurance cost IS prohibitive.  Using myself as an example, a previous congestive heart failure diagnosis would likely mean that i would not be accepted for insurance.   

I have just hung up from talking to a medical doctor (from Winnipeg) who moved to Virginia.  Their meidcal insurance for a three person family is $1,800 per month with significant co-pays. and a cap of $1,000,000

Beware if you are going to move an older parent to the US to live with you. �