Dual Citizen Tax

I would like to clarify if I am still required to pay a Canadian tax for my income outside of Canada.   I am a Canadian citizen and do not live in Canada except to visit every year. All of my income is also derived outside of Canada. I do not have a car or own a house in Canada.   At present I am also a citizen of the country which I reside now.   Thanks for the help.   ------------------------------------------------------
david ingram replies:

Depends where you are.

If you are a citizen of Dubai or the Bahamas or Grand Caymnan Islands and are coming back for 3 months a year, Canada may take a run at you.

If you are a true resident of Mexico or Spain or any other Tax Treaty country, you will be tax exempt on your world income under Article IV of the tax Treaty of your home country provided you are truly 'there' more than 183 days a year..

If you have investments in Canada, Canada would still tax you on any income from them by withholding 25% if you are in a non-treaty country and 10 or 15% if you are in a treaty country. �